Special Episode – The O2 Experience (Guest: Josh Bowers)

The 02 Expeirence

The O2 Experience is a fresh look at life, death, sex, and romance, and its coming to Calvary Chapel Melbourne on January 28th.  Pastor Levi Lusko from Fresh Life Church will be delivering two messages, and there will be awesome music as well.

On this special episode of the Pod, Bryan got a chance to interview the host of the O2 Experience, Josh Bowers. Josh was kind enough to stop by the studio a few weeks ago, and he tells us about the O2 Expeirence.

If you are in the area, check out the O2 Experience on January 28th at Calvary Chapel of Melbourne. If not, check out Pastor Levi’s teachings on the Fresh Life website or app.


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Episode 60 – One December Night (Guest: Matt Helmintoller)

Well Merry Christmas from Real Talk: The Pod. To celebrate the holiday, we invited our friend Pastor Matt onto the show. Matt has just written his first book, a Christmas children’s book called One December Night. Matt tells the story behind the book and the journey to becoming a published author, but not before we dive into much more immature subjects like poop and stealing cookies.

The balance of ridiculously immature conversation and spiritual wisdom is everything you could hope for in a Real Talk episode, especially one that is co-hosted by our good friend Jackson Edwards.

Enjoy the episode, buy Matt’s book, and most of all have a very Merry Christmas from Real Talk: The Pod.

Much love.

PS: Check out the blog post Matt discussed in the episode here.

PPS: We are taking the next few weeks off, but will be releasing a series of bonus episodes entitled “A Real Talk Christmas Singalong”.  We’re sorry, I mean, you’re welcome in advance.


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Episode 59 – Bowties, Pomp and Circumstance (Guest: Logan Peralta)

Brayn & Ethan learned something this week.  We learned that all too often in life we tend to look right past some of the greatest stories for the idea of some distant grand story.  Translation, we had our buddy Logan Peralta on this week’s episode because it hit us like a ton of bricks…..he has been here since day one.  That’s right, Logan believed in this thing from the beginning and he has never strayed far from our side.  It is because of his equipment that we even were able to start a podcast.  That’s just the type of friend he is and there is far more beneath the surface of this seemingly normal guy.

You don’t have to dig deep to find out that he is driven, faithful, and brilliant.  He loves Jesus and wants to be all God has called him to be.  Normally guys like Logan don’t get a lot of love because by nature what he does is literally behind the scenes.  It’s our honor to give him his 5 minutes of fame (ok, seriously The Pod isn’t that big).  We apologize up front for the singing and as you will hear it was Logan’s idea to prolong the melodious sonnets throught out the month of December……shame on him for encouraging us to sing our way to Christmas.  We love Logan and we hope Episode 59 gives you a glimpse into our good Friend of The Pod.

You can click here to buy Matt’s Book

One of Logan’s Favorite Commercials – The Google Nexus 7


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Episode 58 – Doves, Butterflies, and Cottonheads (Guest: Spencer Kerse)

On Episode 58 of Real Talk The Pod we have our favorite hippie friend Spencer Kearse join us to share his story. What makes Spencer’s story so enchanting isn’t the “albino butterfly crescendo” but rather hearing the heart of a man who has truly be changed by the person of Jesus Christ.

This is our most nature filled episode to date (no offense Pastor Dave, the animal sounds were great). Spence shares stories about doves, snakes, and butterflies all while leading us into the great outdoors of life’s journeys with our other Pod brother….the infamous Jackson Edwards.

Hip hip…..hooray!



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Episode 57 – Instapod (Guests: @spitlerika and @whatafox)

#NoFilter #Latergram #Instafamous ….. if this looks like a foreign language to you then you definitely NEED Episode 57 of Real Talk in your life. Today we tackle the newest but fastest growing social media platform known as Instagram. Since we love our listeners and didn’t want to misinform you we have consulted two Pro “Grammers” Erika (@spitlerika) and Alex (@whatafox) to join us in the studio.

If you are an Instagramer yourself we hope to give you some insight into a world that you use but may know very little about (we sure learned more about the app that we so frequently scroll through). If you don’t Instagram, that’s cool….but listen with an open heart to hear what all the craze/hype is about. Sit back and discover what makes these creative young ladies so drawn to the mobile app known as #INSTAGRAM.

Here is the link to the documentary mentioned in the episode: https://vimeo.com/66938184.


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